The Geosciences Montpellier Analogue Modeling Laboratory is one of the top international ranked tectonic analog modeling facilities. The LMA performs 2D and 3D analog experiments covering a wide range of geological contexts (continental collision, oceanic subduction, crustal extension, etc.), and time-scales (from the orogenic cycle to the seismic cycle). It is one of the flagship equipment of the Montpellier Geosciences laboratory, and, more specifically, of the Telluric Hazards, Dynamics of the Lithosphere, and Geo-Reservoirs research teams,

The lab was created in the early ’80s by Jacques Malavieille who developed several original set-ups to investigate experimentally, mountain-building processes at all scales. In the ’90s, Serge Lallemand joined the lab and started developing new projects, with Jacques Malavieille, mainly focused on active margins, accretionary wedge dynamics, seamount subduction. In the 2000s, Stéphane Dominguez developed new types of equipment on the cutting edge of technology and new scientific thematics (tectonics/erosion interactions, seismic cycle, etc.). All the new technical developments were made possible thanks to the effective help of motivated assistant engineers; Bernard Sanche (1985-2000), Eric Berthebaud (2001-2002), and Christian Romano (2003-2020). -> History


What’s NEW?

-> March 2021: The Tecmod-France website is being updated. The new ISTerre analog modeling lab of Chambéry (Savoie-Mont Blanc University) just joined the network. (See Here).

  • February 2021: Some experimental activities of the LMA are still impacted by the COVID situation but the analog modeling experiments have resumed. We are updating our MatIV analog material with Romain Sylvain (Master thesis student)
  • Mat V is coming soon ;-> !

  • January 2021: Some parts of the LMA website are still under construction, and will be updated soon. Enjoy your First visit ;-> !

  • Happy New Year 2021: Good News! 3 LMA related publications are on their ways to be published:

Caniven, Y., and Dominguez, S., 2021. Validation of a multilayered analog model integrating crust-mantle visco-elastic coupling to investigate subduction megathrust earthquake cycle, JGR, https://doi.org/10.1029/2020JB020342 -> PDF (available soon)

Mayolle, S., Roger, S., Dominguez, S., Wibberley, C., and Caniven, Y., 2021. Non-linear fault damage zone scaling revealed through analog modeling, Geology, In Press.

Strzerzynski, P., Dominguez, S., Boudiaf, A., Déverchère, J., 2021. Tectonic inversion and geomorphic evolution of the Algerian margin since Messinian times: Insights from new onshore/offshore analog modeling experiments, Tectonics, https://doi.org/10.1029/2020TC006369 -> PDF.

  • October 2020: Clément GARCIA-ESTEVE just started his Ph.D.: Impact of extreme events on landscape evolution (advisers: Rodolphe Cattin and Stéphane Dominguez).
  • Since June 2020, the laboratory INFRASTRUCTURES are being UPDATED to prepare the resume of the research activities as soon as the Covid lock-down will be lifted.